Your Legacy of Wealth Reviewed Here and Now – Is It Your Ticket to Real Wealth?

your legacy of wealth

 When it comes to trading it’s always a nervous outcome for a first timer and it’s obvious because of the probabilities of the roller coaster rides that is associated with the trading process. It’s kind of like being a matador in a bull fight i.e. if you understand the rules and ways to tame the bull, you will eventually kill it. And if you are a beginner, then you will have to undergo twists and twirls for survival. Similarly, if you are an amateur, then you will have to make sure, you take adequate and protective measures to be in this game. For experienced traders, it’s important to know the direction of market. And for this any trader, whether amateur or pro, there is always a need of an expert to advice and guide you through various steps for getting effective rate of return.

Trading Profit Potential is Sky High

In binary trading, there is just one outcome i.e. it’s either favorable or unfavorable just like a win or loss, just like the case of rolling a dice or tossing a coin. The application of this theory, in simpler words, is that an investor can earn profit without worrying about any other market factors such as inflation, deflation, recession and rate of return.

With the support and advice you get, you can aim for high returns and dividends as you will be provided with various strategies and necessary guidelines to survive the flips and flops of the market.

The tricks are firmly based on the rules of probability. There isn’t any void method or logic behind this phenomenon. At least 80% of these strategies or moves have hit the bull’s eye in the trading market and investors have earned triple digit interests.

Some traders and investors hold the misconception that initiating trade requires a fortune. However, with Ellie, this is not the case.

  • You don’t have to be a financial wizard or genius to make substantial profits from your investment.
  • Also, you don’t need have a large capital under your belt to start with the trading process.
  • You don’t need to take unnecessary risks to shape up your financial future.

The website defines some of the market’s best tricks and strategies based on pure mathematics that enables you to know when to enter the market and when to exit. With a small investment, few hours a week and the outlined steps that are incurved specifically for different individuals, there can be a lot of difference to the financial structure.

Why and Who is Ellie Taft?

 Ellie TaftEllie Taft discovered trading in 1992 when she worked for commodity trend service (CTS). Prior to the introduction and advancement of internet services, CTS served as a prominent source for various trading charts as well as information. Working with industry leaders and experts of trading, Ellie nurtured a sense of market credentials. After a successful tenure at CTS with market giants that lasted for 8years, Ellie left the corporate world to become a financial adviser, financial Copy writer and trader. Over the years she has analyzed the market response, performance and has come up with innovative strategies and techniques that multiply the amount considerably.


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What Do You Get in The Product:

The following comprises options of both the Automatic as well as Semi-Automatic

  • For the customers to receive continuous trade signals from FX Trifecta just at $50 mo. during the completion of the year, FX Trifecta entry signals are mandatorily sent for at least 12 months every evening around 5:30 EST. This enables the customer to receive the trade signals further.
  • The books followed by every trader may be it a beginner or any higher level trader is renowned in the names of Dad’s Legacy Book and Quick Start. These books will be delivered via USPS i.e. United States Postal Service.  dads legacy book
  • To enhance your trading skills and inculcate stress free trading habits, a series of Secret CD including parts of visualization, self-analysis, self-hypnosis and even the part of Law of Attraction is in store for Your Legacy of Wealth. These trading habits have resulted in increased the probability of multiplying wealth even while resting.    
  • Dedicated customer support from a professionally trained staff is generally provided through email to your legacy of wealth. However, often you can receive customer assistance from Ellie.

Options of fully automated trading

“Your Legacy Of Wealth” includes fully automatic trading at the price of $2,997. Proceedings of this will result in the installation of two robots on the computer or VPS of the customer by DEPY. For better understanding they are installed on VPS for accessing fully automated trading by viewing live or demo of up to 4 Meta Trader accounts.

The fully automated trading also includes FX Trifecta of the Professional grade swing-trade EA level. During the time of live trading, this professional swing trade EA has accomplished the achievement of triple digit yearly returns even before compounding. These highest rates of yearly returns are achieved only if EA is customized by traders who are enabled by 42 users. Else if traders want to play safe and go easy, then they can opt or prefer running on default settings that are predefined. 

It also includes another trading including 26 user inputs to direct and enable controlling various factors that are the start time, stop time, filters and even management of money. This is the method of day-trade that is known as Power Trip.  This Power trip will restrict or prevent the entering of the orders for pending orders or for any pair of currencies currently having an open trade. However, this happens only if Power trip and FX Trifecta are running on the same accounts.

Semi-Automatic type of trading

Legacy of wealth includes Semi-Automated trading at a bargained price of only $497. It comprises of only robot of Power Trip Day trading. Semi-Automatic trading customers spend only some hours of their day time to place their personal orders of swing-trade. This is because evenings around the time of 5:30 are full with entry signals emailed or sent from FX Trifecta which are received by the customers.

Semi-automated trading that is Power Trip enables the customer with day trading that is fully automatic for them. It provides the customers with opportunities of day trading on any platform of Meta Trader 4 at the day time. The few minutes of day they spend for placing their trade orders is done on this platform.

Running of Power Trip on the same account of trading as FX Trifecta has a major disadvantage as Power Trip obstructs the orders to be entered for any currency pair while undergoing an open trade or orders that are pending

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How Can This Product Help You?

  • If you have debts, it’s an easy way to clear all the debts.
  • It enables to pay off the mortgage amount easily and early then you planned.
  • You can get over the regular job schedule and make your own company.
  • Accumulating retirement funds and other provident funds is like a cakewalk.
  • You can buy your desired business, home or your defined source of happiness in shorter period of time.

Purely mathematical ways to enlighten your financial structure:

The impeccable and lucent strategies are a result of pure mathematics, in simple terms an outcome of probability which is designed by considering some of the market’s best parameters for the determination of the direction of the market.

What Are The Rewards & Risks?


  • The foremost benefit that can be drawn out of this is that the trading is done with the lowest possible risk. As the trader already knows the worst possible outcome before each trade, there isn’t a thin margin for errors.
  • The process and the entire systems are planned in a user friendly way. Even a beginner can follow the instruction easily.
  • There are other help line services that are extremely beneficial for getting valuable information at the time of trading.
  • Satisfaction Guarantee Policy Seal of Approval for Your Legacy



  • Anything relating to the trading i.e. shares, stocks or any valuable assists are subjected to market risks. Although the rate of risk is negligible because of the guidance of the expert, still there exists a thin line of risk because of unavoidable and unpredictable market potential.


So, be it a first timer or a professional trader, “Your Legacy of Wealth” from Ellie Taft helps you advance in the market and increase your financial credibility. And if you like to opt for these services you better start sooner than later to reap in the benefits.

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Forex traders are anticipating the potential gain in their trading income with the help of Ellie Taft’s Your Legacy of Wealth. This program comes with a home study course and a trading robot to help even the most inexperienced trader in the market.  Your Legacy of Wealth

Let’s talk about the trading course. The “Dad’s Legacy” course is an offshoot of a book (and then a website) created by Taft. In fact, the books and the course were never meant for mass consumption. The creator merely wrote it to help your six younger siblings use part of their inheritance to attain financial freedom. But then, the bought caught on at Trade Wins Publishing and the rest, as they say, is history. The book then metamorphosed into a website. It also became a succession of publications to help different folks reach their financial dreams.
Now, let us talk about the trading robot. The FX Trifecta Swing-Trading Robot sends entry signals at 5:30 EST every night. It is these entry signals that the traders can use to get their trades up and running. After one year of benefiting from the entry signals, a trader can choose to keep on receiving the FX Trifecta trade signals for a fee of less than $50 per month.

Upon subscription to Your Legacy of Wealth, a trader will receive the Dad’s Legacy Book as well as a Quick Start CD in the mail. The customer can choose between fully automatic and semi-automatic systems.

Come back to check out our complete coverage and in-depth review of the trading program.